Sunday, December 23, 2012

Shadow and Glory

The endless deepness of the evening sky
Is filled with silent, burning orbs of light
Which everlasting, seem, to you and I,

And glimmer in their march across the night
Beside their king – the faceless, golden moon
Whose broken shape, in shards of dancing light

Is carried by the dark and wild sea
Which tosses spray, like sand, into the wind,
And swallows up the lights into the deep.

If all of this came from the Master's mind,
And slipped into its place by His decree,
And by His word, will fade and pass away -
Like sand amid this brilliance, what are we?

Like morning glories, dying in a day,
What worth comes from two souls joined into one?
They, like the morning glories, wilt away,
Before true Glory's endless day has come.

But from the blackness all the silent stars
Look on, enraptured by the passing scene:
Two souls made into one become a shadow
Of bride and Groom, in glory yet to be.

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Ezra said...

She said yes!