Saturday, July 09, 2016

Cana's Vats

The notes began, and filled my ears with peace:
                “Who but Thyself my guide and stay can be?
                Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me.”
And we beheld her there, below the trees;

A little wind flowed through the seated rows,
                Relieving summer heat, and finding joy;
                All heads were turned, all eyes were fixed to see
Her standing, blushing, in an eager glow.

She walked to stand beneath the little cross
                Beside him, and beheld his glowing face
                Which drank of all she was, as so she drank,
While all the world beside was counted loss.

They drank their covenant from the mortal cup;
                Oh Christ! Here from your veins let it be filled –
                Washed out from darkness, sanctified to yield
Two souls to God, who makes them into one.

And so they drink the wine of their new love
                Until the eyes should close, and life should pass
                And old wine-skins be burst for new at last
And Cana’s vats be filled with Calvary’s flood.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Will You Leap, Little One?

Will you leap, little one?
Love has quietly implanted,
And the tiny seed has sprouted;
Warm and silent is the haven
Where your inward parts are woven;
Dark and peaceful is your home.

Will you leap, little seed?
Here as we prepare your cradle
Sands in Libya are sprinkled
With Egyptian Coptic blood;
Al-Our still mourns its sons:
Dark and violent is your home.

Will you leap, dearest one?
Love and pride in deadly struggle
Mar the soul who now awaits you -
All his pitiful, vain speeches
Little touch the heart that teaches;
Dark and tainted is your home.

Will you leap, little child,
While your love of self, concealed,
Waits within to be revealed?
Broken from the loving Shepherd
You will mock Him and reject Him
And bring darkness to your home.

Will you leap, son or daughter,
As the Baptist in his mother
For the nearness of his Savior?
Will you see the wounds that mark Him
And the fountain flowing from them,
And say, "This is not my home"?