Monday, June 28, 2010

Where Have the Stars Gone?

This piece was written during a road trip from Alabama to New York. It is supposed to be a song, with the music provided by my good friend and former roommate Chris Adams. The words and the tune, however, have not yet been tried together and may not actually work. Also, the tune for the chorus has not yet been written, so I left the words of that part unedited.

Verse 1

Savior I run to you, stumble and fall,
The lights of this city are shining in vain.
My eyes, they are weary; my drink, it is gall,
My head has forgotten, my hands hold a stain.


Oh God, where have the stars gone?
In never-ending blackness
They shown brilliant with Your glory.
My soul had been well rested,
Until they disappeared.

Verse 2

A burden of sorrow is tied to my shoulders,
How will I not stumble, how will I not fall?
And how will the wounded around me see comfort
If stars do not guide me, if you’re not my all?

Verse 3

Oh, vanish the lights of this terrestrial city
For stars are most brilliant when darkness is shown!
And if I should stumble, yet I’ll be made steady,
And if I should fall I will still be your own.